National Masters 
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships


Age Category:

Your age division is determined by the age you are, or will be in the year of the competition.

MASTER 1 - Year of birth 1987 and before

MASTER 2 - Year of birth 1981 and before

MASTER 3 - Year of birth 1976 and before

MASTER 4 - Year of birth 1971 and before

MASTER 5 - Year of birth 1966 and before

MASTER 6 - Year of birth 1961 and before
Weight Category:

The athlete must weigh-in wearing their Gi and Belt.

Male Weight Categories

-57.5 kg Rooster

-64 kg Super Feather

-70 kg Feather

-76 kg Light

-82.3 kg Middle

-88.3 kg Medium Heavy

-94.3 kg Heavy

-100.5 kg Super Heavy

+100.5 kg Ultra Heavy

Female Weight Categories

-53.5 kg Super Feather

​-58.5 kg Feather

-64 kg Light Weight

-69 kg Middle Weight

-74 kg Medium Heavy

+74 kg Heavy
Belt Categories:

White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black.

Judo black belts, experienced wrestlers, or those who have fought under professional MMA rules, cannot compete in the white belt category.
Fight Times:

Master 1 
White - Blue Belt
5 minutes

Master 1
Purple - Black Belt 
6 minutes

Master 2 - Master 6
White - Black Belt 
5 minutes
Absolute Categories:

Absolutes will be offered for all age and belt categories.

Absolutes will only run subject to sufficient interest.

The absolutes will be open to athletes who place 1st - 4th in their respective category.